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Jointing Tapes

Straitflex Wide-flex 400 30.5m x 102mm

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•Straightens framing irregularities.
•Memory-free hinge design allows for ease of installation, straighter corners and perfect angles.
•Diamond-punched 94 lb. paper edging allows for easier feathering, faster drying, and the highest bonding strength. Also guarantees an even lay-down of the paper, providing maximum adhesion with no rippling or blistering.
•PUR-laminated nose ensures perfect corners without paper fuzz-up during finishing and sanding.
•Second coat of compound can be applied immediately – very light skim-coat to finish.
•Cuts easily with knife or scissors.
•No cracks. No callbacks.


•Hard-to-straighten vaults
•Butterfly vaults.
•Hard-to-straighten outside corners.
•Obtuse angles.

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Trade Price. Incl GST

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