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Jointing Tapes

Straitflex Archflex 30.5m x 86mm

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• Produces smooth, professional-looking curves. Patented tear strips allow for easy straight-to-curve transitions.
• Resists dents, paint chipping, shrinkage, and common cracking problems. Waterproof. Rustproof.
• Installs using standard compounds. No special tools or fasteners needed. No nail pops.
• Second coat of compound can be applied immediately – very light skim-coat to finish.
Advantages Saves an average of 50% on installation time over other products
Long, continuous arches and curves installed in one piece
Material can be second coated immediately
Only requires light skim coat to finish
Resists denting, paint chipping and edge cracking
Material will not blister or fuzz up when sanded
Continuous roll allows long, continuous arches and curves to be installed in one piece
Easy installation using standard compound -- No special tools, fasteners or stapling are
Water resistant and rustproof.
No nail pops or paint chipping.
• Arched windows and doors
• Curved walls, ceilings, soffits, staircases, barrel vaults, and groin cathedral ceilings.
• Free-form, custom drywall applications where a seamless installation is required.

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